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This site is not affiliated to red Lobster restaurants in any way. Red Lobster is a trademark of Darden Concepts. is a place for lobster lovers to get updates on great deals and special menu offers of their favorite lobster hangouts like Red Lobster.

Finding Good Red Lobster Coupons

One of the best things about Red Lobster is the fact that they help customers save money through coupons. Although Red Lobster is already well known for their customer friendly prices, coupons help customers save even more. It’s a very impressive set-up for the customers since they don’t just enjoy a great meal at Red Lobster but they don’t have to save much just to enjoy great food.

Red Lobster is not the only restaurant that gives out coupons to their potential and existing customers. In fact, almost ever y popular restaurant chain has something to offer to their customers particularly on helping save on some meals. By giving out coupons, the restaurant can take full advantage of advertising by simply giving people the opportunity to save. These restaurants also use the coupons for tracking the interest of their customers especially on the specials they offer along with the discount vouchers.

3rd Party Source of Coupons

New or old customers of Red Lobster can easily find coupons online because there are thousands of websites whose sole purpose is to collect and post printable coupons online. These websites are often called as “3rd Party websites” since they do not have any affiliation with the restaurant.

Some of these sites are only focused on Red Lobster while others collect as many coupons as they can from various establishments. Either way, they always focus on discount codes and/or vouchers for select entrees of Red Lobster. A simple lookup online will immediately yield thousands of URLs or links featuring different types of coupons.

Double Checking the Coupons from 3rd Party Websites

Customers should always remember that the 3rd party websites do not have any direct affiliation with the restaurant which means they can easily post anything they want with very little control from Red Lobster. It is possible that they will post a coupon that’s already expired or no longer useful.

Before printing out the coupon you found in 3rd party websites, it’s important to check the information written in the coupon before anything else. The first information customers should look for in the coupon is the validity date. Every coupon has an expiration date and the coupons from Red Lobster are no exception. The next information every customer should look for in a coupon is the area covered by the voucher itself. There are coupons that are only valid in select states and areas. Last but not the least; customers should also look at the terms and conditions since some coupons are only valid with purchase on select products. There are also coupons that are only good for single use.

It can be a bit tempting to print out a coupon without reading the terms and conditions. But it’s more frustrating when customers present a coupon only to find out that it’s no longer useful.

Good Sources of Coupons

Although there are a lot of 3rd party websites that do not update their content with the latest coupons, there are still websites that provide the best and the latest discount opportunities especially for Red Lobster. It’s just a matter of finding these websites with the right search technique.

In order to find websites that constantly update their content with coupons from Red Lobster, try searching for coupons with the current year. For example, use “Red Lobster Coupons 2012”  so that the search engines (Yahoo, AOL and Google) will search not only for coupons but the latest posted coupons. It’s a very simple but very effective online trick since you don’t have to deal with websites that do not post the latest coupons.

Direct Source of Coupons and Discounts

Although there are thousands of websites that post coupons for Red Lobster and other restaurants, another popular option is to get the coupons directly from the restaurant. In Red Lobster, customers can sign-up to be part of the “Fresh Catch Club” which is an online club for loyal customers of popular seafood restaurant chain. Every customer who signs-up will receive updates, news and other information related to the popular restaurant chain. Of course, members of the online club will also receive updates related to the latest discount opportunities and even coupons. Red Lobster also sends out a special gift to the members of the club on their birthday.

Red Lobster always has something interesting to offer to their customer. But aside from the tasty meals, customers can also save a lot from their favorite seafood restaurant because of their impressive entrée prices as well as coupons that can be easily obtained online.

Popular Red Lobster Coupons

Popular Coupons For Red Lobster include:

$4 Off Any 2 Adult Dinner And $3 Off Any 2 Adult Lunch Entrees Coupons

These 2 coupons usually come together. The coupons provide discounts of $4 on 2 adult dinner entrees and $3 on 2 adult lunch entrees. It is usually emailed to Fresh Catch club members, every now and then.

$5 Off 2 Adult Dinner Entrees Coupon

This is another popular coupon for Red Lobster. With it you get a $5 discount on 2 adult dinner entrees. The coupon is often found on the restaurant’s facebook fanpage.

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Posted at June 7th, 2012.

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